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MX Medium Security

MX2 Medium Security Dealer Restricted Key System

Ahead of the competition, MX Series offers one of the most competitively priced Key Control Services on the market, with no worry about unauthorized copies – without your knowledge. MX Series is a strictly controlled ‘keyway of propriety design’ with total control of its distribution.

mx keys do not duplicate

MX Series provides an economical option for key control of your home or business! For the medium security, dealer-restricted system, there are many procedures put in place to maintain the integrity of the security for each client use.

  • Each key is individually numbered in 1-20 sequence - with a unique ID number representing each client
  • Provided key list for each client, tracks who receives which key – enabling the client to ensure that:
  • The key assigned to an employee is returned when they depart
  • Found keys can be returned to the correct individual

A secure authorization form will be completed by each client, listing the names of individuals they will allow to obtain duplicate keys in the future.  These authorized individuals must show photo identification each time they come in to pick up an order.

At Jim’s Locksmithing, we take your security needs seriously, and it is our personal guarantee that we operate ethically and within procedure, including reporting any suspicious activity we become aware of.

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