medeco high security locks

Medeco High Security

locks and key security

Medeco³ High-Security Cylinder Locks

Ideal for any application requiring key control and physical security of your cylinders and feature UL437 Listed physical strength components like the triple locking technology for ultimate pick resistance. Solid brass construction, with strategically placed hardened inserts, defends against drilling and other forms of attacks.


medeco protector II series padlocks

Medeco Protector II Series Padlocks

Offers excellent resistance to harsh weather and extreme conditions and stands up to physical attack – with strong resistance against cutting, sawing, and prying.

medeco systems series padlocks

Medeco Systems Series Padlocks

Offer flexibility for multiple applications. Available in both an indoor and outdoor weather-resistant design or with a shrouded shackle – providing protection to resist cutting and increased tensile strength to resist pulling attacks. Medeco System Series Padlocks can be ordered with a variety of different cylinder technologies.

medeco assa abloy hardened

Medeco G8R and Hockey Puck Padlocks

Offer maximum corrosion resistance with a stainless-steel shackle, or hardened steel to withstand severe physical attack, designed for the highest level of protection against cutting attacks, with patent-protected key control.

medeco maximum

Medeco Maxum

For maximum security and strength. Available in Single Deadbolt, Double Deadbolt, and Captive Double Deadbolt.  

Meet all your high-security demands with the ingenuity and the time-tested quality and strength of Medeco³ High Security.

Meet all your high security demands with the ingenuity and the time-tested quality and strength of Medeco³ High Security.

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