Helping Build a Stronger Community

Helping Build a Stronger Community

At Jim’s Locksmithing, we are grateful and proud to be able to give back to our local community. By taking part in various initiatives, we can help build a stronger community.

Learn more about some of the initiatives we have been involved in:

We are very humbled that the Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee of Nipissing recognized us this morning by presenting us with an award for our commitment and dedication to the service of women affected by intimate partner violence.

We believe it is important to support women and children, who are experiencing violence in our community. We always make a point to quickly answer calls for service by helping these victims feel secure again in their own homes!

The Nipissing Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee is comprised of cross-sectorial membership of organizations, who work with victims of intimate partner violence. Each year, they select a recipient from the community, who has demonstrated their support for victims and dedication to eliminating violence.

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